DearCharlene (cutiemuffin) wrote in anti_fakers,


To get this straight, really straight to the point...
This community is strictly for those who are vexed, aggravated and the likes by these people who took on the roles as political/famous personas in Feel free to post anything related to the subject.

To be continued...
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October 9 2001, 11:02:29 UTC 16 years ago

Faking the journals of famous people is meant to be amusing. Get a sense of humor.
You are coward enough to be posting this as 'anonymous'.
Maybe you're irratated by this because you might be prancing around as someone else in livejournal.
Get a life!
U ARE SO DAMN RIGHT!And another thing,fakers r so god damn annoying.
Yes, they sure are.

Re: re:


March 26 2002, 19:48:08 UTC 16 years ago

if you don't like the journal...don't read it!
If you have the fucking guts, show off your name! Rather than being an anonymous and probably you're one of the fakers and don't have any self-esteem to defend yourself. If you don't support this site, why did you enter it anyway? You've been given the choice not to go in or do go in.